Wen Zhu

Date of Birth: Sep 1987

2005 leave school at second year senior high school.

Living and working in Beijing now.

Works presented in various forms that elements involved in video, sound, installation and live.

Personal Project

2015 "g=0" (Black Sesame Art Space Beijing China)


2015 "B3+Beijing - Moving In Time" (Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum)

2014 "Micro Body Language" (OCAT art center Xi'an China)

2014 "Contemporary Art And The Public" (KCAA art center Beijing China)

2013 "CINETORO Film Festival 2013 - Art Video Unit"

2013 "2013-The Exhibition of Artists' Plan & Sketch" (jiu ceng Gallery Beijing China)

2013 "induction - affect" (Yuan Art Museum Beijing China)

2012 "The 9th Busan International Video Art Festival" (Busan Korea)

2012 "BUG" (ZA Lab Beijing China)

2012 "13th OPEN Art Festival" (Space Station Gallery 798 Beijing China)

2011 "Cologne OFF"(Cologne Germany)

2010 "Through"(NCAC art centrer Beijing China)

2010 "ZHAI"(Fanxing museum Beijing China)

2009 "Seven Days in Cloud" (Shangpu museum Beijing China)

2009 "2nd QianTi Art Festival"(CCD300 art space Beijing China)

2009 "10th OPEN International Art Festival"(OPEN art space Beijing China)

2008 "809 International Art Festival"(809 art district Yichang China)

2008 "1st Changsha City Performance Art Festival"(Changsha China)

2008 "9th OPEN International Art Festival"(OPEN art space Beijing Chian)

2007 "5th Dadao Live Art Festival"(The north door art space Beijing China)

2007 "Alliance June"(Beijing China)

2007 "Guyu Action"(Fangyan art centrer Xi'an China)

2007 "Moving" (Geisho gallery 798 Beijing China)

2006 "Yachang Performance Art Exhibition"(Yachang art zone Beijing China)